Chatime’s Mango Sunset Tea: Looks Can Be Deceiving

We live in the digital era and it means when it comes to a drink or meal, its  appeal on the camera counts on our decision whether it’s worth our money (come on, don’t deny it).

In case of Chatime’s Mango Sunset Tea,  presentation-wise no doubt it’s  a 10/10 already, but behind the gorgeous cup, lies a flavor that isn’t as colorful and exciting as the drink looks. 47BA25AB-C11B-4628-A03C-6908C17FB981

Yes, don’t be fooled, the purple and magenta aren’t fruit-flavored. They’re actually colored tea.  But fret not, because underneath the eye-catching gradient lies the sweetness and tang of the Mango concentrate that gives the drink a refreshing twist.

I guess the best way to drink it is to mix the mango concentrate and tea all together. You may lose its sunset-esque beauty,  but as you spin the straw until it creates a whirlpool of mixed striking colors , the flavor gets bolder and better.

Overall, I’ve set my expectations high on this drink. It wasn’t bad –it was good but not as good as it appears on pictures. It’s a mango flavored tea, that’s it.



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