STORE FINDS: 7-Eleven’s Sharksfin Siomai

One of my daily routines at work is taking a quick break at a small 7-Eleven store located just downstairs of our office building.

To be honest, I’m always oddly amazed how far the convenience store would go for ready-to-eat food innovation’s sake. Their chiller is always full of everything processed –from champorado, salad, packed spam & rice, and sandwiches –that all transform into instant hunger  busters once they’re heated in the microwave

There was one item today in their food jungle-esqued  refrigerator that had me curious.  I saw a small plastic cup with a label “Sharksfin Siomai”. It cost me Php 29 which is a bit expensive for a 3-piece ordinary dimsum (so basically, that’s like Php 10/dumpling).


The dumplings came with a complimentary soy sauce and chili oil. Size-wise,  they were just as big as those we see in siomai kiosks in the malls.  Impaling my fork into the dimsum, the filling was obviously soft and mushy –loosing that firm and a bit rubbery texture I’m looking for a sharksfin siomai.

On the brighter side,  7-Eleven’s Sharksfin siomai  was a delight when it was trickled with the saltiness of the soy sauce and the heat of the chili oil. I guess the product would be better enjoyed with rice or if paired with instant noodles. But it is not just worth your Php 30  for steamed egg wrappers filled with mushy and starchy  “pork” filling.

TASTE: 3/5





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