Prosciutto-Arugula Pizza & Cheese Sticks

Let me begin this piece with a cliche: I LOVE PIZZA AND CHEESE.

When it comes to pizza though, I always stick with the classics –cheese, pepperoni, and best sellers of mainstream pizza chains in the country.

It was a scorching Saturday  afternoon when my Uncle asked me to join them for a merienda at Palms Country Club where he’s a member. I just braved a two-hour traffic at SLEX-Southbound that time so I landed there famished and up for anything that fills the tummy.


The first thing I saw on the table was their Wooden Oven Pizza Menu and out  of desperation and slight nausea, I quickly pointed out the Prosciutto-Arugula Pizza. I thought , “what the hell did I just do?”. I mean I like the dry-cured-ham-from- heaven, but fresh arugula on a pizza?  No. I want my pizza extra meaty, greasy, messy, and salty!!!

Prosciutto-Arugula Pizza 

So after around 15 minutes, the pizza was already served. It was cut into eight, each with slices of prosciutto, topped with fresh arugula that were tossed in Balsamic Vinegar. I grabbed a slice and topped it with the leaves, gently rolled it, and BANG! There was a majestic collision of contrasting flavors at first bite.

The combination of cheese and the Italian cold cut results to a sodium-heaven while the Arugula adds a hint of a refreshing nutty taste to the pizza, balanced by the acidity of the balsamic dressing. A few drops of Tabasco  made it just even more perfect.

Cheese Sticks

So my Uncle added cheese sticks to our snacks. They were basically the country club’s take on the staple street food , except that they’re  more generous on the filling. Break the crunchy sticks into two, there goes the gooey surprise. Every stick was also filled with a thin slice of siling pang-sinigang, which barely affected the  the dish’s flavor profile.

Now, I know what will I order again!


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